INSTITUTE INDEX: Three years into the BP disaster

In the three years since BP's Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico killed 11 workers and spilled 200 million gallons of oil, number of bills enacted by Congress to make offshore drilling safer: 0

Number of bills Congress has passed to address other issues related to the disaster: 1

Under the RESTORE Act, the lone piece of spill-related legislation Congress has approved, percent of fines BP will pay under the federal Clean Water Act that will go toward environmental and economic restoration projects in the Gulf: 80

Potential amount of those fines, depending on the outcome of BP's ongoing trial in federal district court in New Orleans: $5 billion to $20 billion

Date on which the first phase of BP's civil trial, apportioning blame among the company and its contractors, ended: 4/17/2013

Month in which the second phase of the trial will begin to determine the amount of oil spilled and calculate damages: 9/2013

Amount BP has provided so far for cleanup, fines and other liabilities: $42 billion

Estimated gallons of BP's spilled oil that remains in the Gulf: 42 million

Of BP's $4 billion criminal settlement with the U.S. government, amount that will be going to the National Academy of Sciences to establish a program focused on human health and environmental protection in the Gulf: $350 million

Miles of Louisiana coastline that remain oiled today: over 200

Number of dolphins that have been found stranded in the affected area since the spill: 650

Factor by which that exceeds the historical average: 4

Factor by which the discovery of dead infant dolphins in the affected area in the first two months of this year exceeds the average: 6

According to lab studies, factor by which a mixture of oil and the dispersant Corexit that was used on the spill exceeds the toxicity of oil alone to a microscopic animal at the base of the Gulf's food chain: 52

Date on which BP CEO Bob Dudley told a group of Gulf Coast activists who attended the company's annual shareholder meeting that Corexit was no more toxic than "dish soap": 4/11/2013

Amount BP spent on federal lobbying in 2012: $8.9 million

Amount by which BP's federal lobbying expenditures increased between 2010 and 2012: over $1.5 million

Amount BP's political action committee spent on federal campaign contributions in 2012: over $503,000

Amount by which federal campaign contributions by BP's political action committee increased in the same period: over $186,000

Profits reported by BP in 2012: $11.6 billion

Estimated amount the company received last year in tax breaks: $200 million

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