Date on which the People's Climate March will take place in New York City: 9/21/2014

Rank of the march among the largest protests against climate change in U.S. history: 1

Number of organizations that have signed on to support the march: 1,400

Number of buses expected to come to the march from as far away as Minnesota: 496

Number of people traveling to the march on "The People's Climate Train" from San Francisco: more than 170

Number of people expected to take part in the march: over 100,000

Following a moment of silence at 1 p.m., number of marching bands that will join with drums, trumpets, and vuvuzelas to make as much noise as possible, which organizer Bill McKibben said will "sound the burglar alarm on people who are stealing the future": more than 20

Date on which the United Nations Climate Summit opens in New York: 9/23/2014

Number of countries expected to be represented at the summit: 125

If everyone expected at the summit shows up, its rank among the largest meetings of international leaders on climate ever organized: 1

Cost of climate-related disasters since world leaders last met to discuss climate change five years ago: $490 billion

Rank of the South among U.S. regions that have had the highest number of billion-dollar disasters since 1981: 1

Annual cost to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas from a combination of hurricanes, sinking land and rising seas: $14 billion

Amount that cost could rise to by 2030 with just a 3 percent increase in hurricane wind speed and 6 inches of sea level rise: $23 billion

In order to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius and avoid catastrophic climate change, number of times faster the global economy must decarbonize than it currently is, according to a recent report by accounting giant PricewaterhouseCoopers: 5

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