Percent by which voter registration applications initiated at public assistance agencies in North Carolina have declined since Gov. Pat McCrory (R) took office in 2013: 50

Average annual number of voter registration applications generated at North Carolina public assistance offices between 2007 and 2012: 38,400

Average annual number in the last two years: 16,000

Number in 2014, when there were highly contested elections in the state: 13,340

Percent of McCrory-era food assistance applications that resulted in voter registrations compared to the pre-McCrory baseline of 4.2 percent, suggesting the drop in registrations is not due simply to a decline in people seeking aid: 1.7

Of North Carolina's 100 counties, number that experienced a drop in public assistance-originated voter registrations since McCrory took office: 99

Estimated number of missing voters due to the "McCrory deficit" -- that is, the number of North Carolina citizens who likely would have been registered had the dramatic decline in public assistance registrations not occurred: 39,177

Differential in votes between the winning Republican and losing Democratic U.S. Senate candidates from North Carolina last year: 45,608

According to an on-the-ground investigation, portion of nearly 200 North Carolinians interviewed after visiting public assistance offices who said they were not provided an opportunity to register to vote — a violation of the National Voter Registration Act, which requires that public assistance agencies provide voter registration services: 3/4

Date on which the N.C. NAACP and allied groups submitted a public records request to the McCrory administration in an effort to find out whether the decline in voter registrations from public assistance offices was intentional or not: 5/11/2015

Number of days North Carolina has been given to come into compliance with the National Voter Registration Act or face a lawsuit from voting rights groups: 90

Year in which voting rights attorneys worked cooperatively with North Carolina, then under Democratic control, to improve voter registration practices at public assistance agencies: 2006

After that earlier effort in North Carolina, factor by which the number of individuals registered to vote through public assistance agencies increased: 6

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