Year in which the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United decision struck down restrictions on political spending, including secret spending by outside groups unaffiliated with campaigns or parties: 2010

Since the decision, amount in unlimited contributions that's poured into federal elections: $1.5 billion

Of that total, amount for which no donors have been disclosed: $500 million

According to an in-depth survey conducted last year, percent of Americans who say the system for funding political campaigns needs to be fundamentally changed or completely rebuilt: 85

Percent of Democrats who say that: 84

Percent of Republicans who agree: 81

Number of Americans who've signed petitions to date supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United: more than 5 million

Number of states that have called for such an amendment, with West Virginia so far the only one in the South: 16

Number of local governments that have endorsed the amendment: 681

Of those local governments that want to overturn Citizens United, number in the South: 43

Year in which a majority of the U.S. Senate voted in support of such an amendment: 2014

Date on which that amendment was re-introduced in the 114th Congress: 4/28/2015

Date on which Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina became the first Republican to sign on to the amendment: 11/5/2015

Date on which Ron Fein, legal director of the campaign-finance watchdog group Free Speech for People, announced that given the successes of the reform movement it was time to move from defense to offense with litigation: 1/21/2016

Date on which a mass march calling for an immediate end to big-money corruption in politics will kick off at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia and head to Washington, D.C. as part of a campaign called Democracy Spring: 4/2/2016

Number of people who've already pledged to risk arrest at the U.S. Capitol as part of that campaign: 1,500

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