Percent of total U.S. employment accounted for by temp workers in 2015: 2

Last time that percentage was so high: early 1990s

From 2010 to 2015, number of times faster the temporary-help category grew than overall employment: 5

Rank of the South among the U.S. regions with the highest concentration of temp workers: 1

Of the 10 states with the largest share of temp workers, number in the South: 7

Rank of South Carolina among the states with the highest concentration of temp workers: 1

Percent of South Carolina workers who are employed as temps: 4.1

Percent of Tennessee workers who are: 3.9

Of Kentucky workers: 3.6

Alabama workers: 3.5

Number of jobs the U.S. temp sector has shed since December, a trend that some economic experts warn could portend recession: 27,400

Average hourly wage of all private-sector workers: $25.45

Of temp workers: $16.83

Percent of temp workers who say they would prefer a permanent job: 77

Within five years, estimated percent of the U.S. labor force that will be made up of temp workers, independent contractors, the self-employed, part-timers, freelancers and free agents, eliminating labor protections and shifting economic risks on to workers: 40

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