INSTITUTE INDEX: The corporate cash behind Florida's sham pro-solar ballot measure

There could be fewer rooftop solar arrays being installed in Florida in the future if a utility-backed ballot measure wins voters' approval this fall. (Photo by Lucas Braun via Wikipedia.)

Percent margin needed to pass Florida's Amendment 1, a ballot measure that investor-owned utilities are promoting as pro-solar but that opponents say aims to protect the utilities' monopoly and slow the state's transition to solar power: 60

Amount raised by Consumers for Smart Solar, the group promoting Amendment 1: more than $21.5 million

Percent of that amount which came from big utilities and other companies whose bottom lines would be hurt by encouraging consumers to switch to solar power: 80

Amount contributed to the deceptive pro-Amendment 1 campaign by Duke Energy alone: more than $5.7 million

Amount contributed by Florida Power and Light, which is owned by Florida-based NextEra Energy: almost $5.5 million

Amount contributed by the 60 Plus Association, a conservative political advocacy group that's received tens of millions of dollars from organizations associated with the brothers that run the Koch Industries oil and chemical conglomerate: over $1.4 million

Factor by which the amount raised by Consumers for Smart Solar exceeds total funds raised by the grassroots opposition campaign group, Floridians for Solar Choice, a politically diverse coalition that includes the League of Women Voters, the Sierra Club, the Christian Coalition and various Republican groups: 10

Number of professional signature-gathering firms the utility-backed campaign hired in order to get its measure on this year's ballot: 2

Date on which Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente, in her dissent from the 4-3 decision allowing Amendment 1 to appear on the ballot, warned that the initiative was a "wolf in sheep's clothing": 3/31/2016

Date on which the Clear Language Institute, a nonprofit that promotes using easy-to-understand language in legislation, bestowed its first "Deceptive Language Award" on the pro-Amendment 1 group for misleading voters: 10/2/2016

Florida's ranking among states for solar energy potential: 3

Its ranking among states for installed solar capacity: 14

Number of electricity customers in Florida: 9 million

Number of rooftop solar systems in the state: fewer than 12,000

Date on which early voting begins in Florida: 10/24/2016

In a recent poll, percent of likely Florida voters who said they planned to vote for Amendment 1: 84

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