Date on which the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a memo detailing plans for implementing President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration to ramp up enforcement and detention capacity: 2/21/17

Number of immigrant detention facilities in the U.S.: 200

Worldwide rank of the U.S. in size of immigrant detention operations: 1

Percent of people with pending immigration cases who were detained under the Obama administration during fiscal year 2017 beginning last October: 27

Percent detained under the Trump administration: 61

Number of individuals currently or previously detained at the privately-run Stewart and Irwin detention centers in southwest Georgia who were interviewed for a report titled "Imprisoned Justice" on the conditions at those facilities: 83

Rank of the Stewart Detention Center in size of detention centers nationally: 2

Number of beds at Stewart: 1,752

Weight in pounds that detained immigrants at Stewart reported losing because of issues with food, including being serving food that was spoiled, undercooked, or had maggots; being rushed to eat meals in a short period of time; and experiencing seven-hour or longer stretches between meals: 10 to 70

Daily wage that most detainees at Stewart and Irwin are paid for a full day's work: $1

Date on which Jean-Carlos Jimenez-Joseph reportedly committed suicide at Stewart after being put in solitary confinement for 19 days: 5/15/17

Number of days later that Atulkumar Babubhai Patel died of heart failure while held at the Atlanta City Detention Center: 1

Number of people who have died in an immigrant detention facility so far in fiscal year 2017: 8

Number who died during the entire 2016 fiscal year: 10

Timeline for which a coalition of advocates in Georgia are calling for all four immigrant detention centers in that state to be shut down: immediately

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