INSTITUTE INDEX: Election Protection's unprecedented effort to safeguard the vote

The Election Protection coalition, which runs the national 866-OUR-VOTE hotline, is undertaking an unprecedented effort to assist voters this year. (Photo courtesy of Common Cause.)

Number of legal experts who have volunteered so far this year to safeguard voting rights and counter threats to ballot access through the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition: over 23,000

Percent increase in volunteers that represents over previous election seasons: almost 400

Number of organizations involved in the coalition, which is led by the Washington, D.C.-based Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: more than 100

Year in which the Lawyers' Committee was founded at the request of President Kennedy to involve the private bar in providing legal services to address racial discrimination: 1963

Number of private law firms that are currently involved in the Election Protection program: more than 150

Number of members of the National Bar Association, a group of mostly African American lawyers, who recently joined the Election Protection effort: more than 7,000

Year in which the Election Protection coalition was founded: 2002

Number of reports of voting problems Election Protection received in the 2006 general election: 13,500

In the 2018 general election: 31,000

Number of calls the Election Protection hotline has received just since July 1 of this year, in which voting has been complicated by a pandemic and threats of intimidation: 100,000

Year in which the Election Protection coalition discovered that two Florida elections officials — both of them women of color — were doxxed on social media by a Facebook user whose account was dominated by Confederate imagery, leading to the harmful posts' deletion: 2018

Date on which the Election Protection coalition announced it was joining with Common Cause and the Digital Defense League to launch a Voting Anti-Disinformation Week of Content as part of the Stopping Cyber-Suppression program: 10/26/2020

Number of volunteers and online influencers the effort has recruited to monitor social media for disinformation and provide voters with correct information about their right to vote: 4,330

The toll-free Election Protection hotline number where people can get help with problems they encounter while trying to vote, with assistance available in languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog: 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683)

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