Blood of the Lamb

This article originally appeared in Southern Exposure Vol. 9 No. 2, "Festival: Celebrating Southern Literature." Find more from that issue here.

Lester took the serpent from the box 

before I was ready.


Praise the Lord 


Hung there loose like a rope, 

then turned stiff. 

Lester handed it over. 


Praise God 


It jerked. I held on, 

but I didn’t have the spirit yet, Lord.


Hallelujah to Glory 


Lester was speaking in tongues, 

but nothing flowed through my hands. 

They were still cold. 


Oh Lord, up out of skin 


It struck. I held on as long 

as I could. Blood ran down my cheek. 


Praise be to God 


I knew what was meant.

I wasn’t ready, Lord 

but I came on, just as I am.