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Punishment Is Forever

April 7, 2005 - The St. Petersburg Times reports on how the Hillsborough County (Florida) commission has voted to ban three-time felons from an indigent health care program run by the county. The health plan has fallen into financial crisis, and the change was presented as a way to cut costs.

The Pope of Poultry

April 6, 2005 - While weekend news was dominated by coverage of John Paul's death, another important personage slipped into the hereafter almost unnoticed -- Frank Perdue, CEO of Perdue Farms, who was his company's public face for twenty years.

Mama's Got the Pill

April 1, 2005 - Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon says that "Southern women are already feminists, they just don't know it yet." Check out her post on Loretta Lynn and finding the heart of the South:

Guest Blogger: Pam Spaulding

March 31, 2005 - Our appreciation to Rahul Mahajan for yesterday's posts on the two Souths (American and Iraqi). Taking over today is Pam Spaulding, of Durham, North Carolina (home of the Institute for Southern Studies).

Guest Blogger: Rahul Mahajan

March 30, 2005 - Many thanks to David Sirota for his contributions yesterday! Next up in our guest blogging lineup: Rahul Mahajan, whose Empire Notes blog is an indispensable read on the U.S. presence in the Middle East (among other things). Rahul, an activist in Texas for many years, has visited Iraq twice since the invasion and reported from Fallujah during the seige in April. He is the author of two books on U.S.