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VOICES: The jobless crisis of young blacks is now Obama's crisis

December 9, 2009 - By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, New America MediaThe bad news is that the more than one out of three young blacks out of work matches the figure for joblessness at the peak of the 1930s Great Depression. The worse news is that the jobless figure for young blacks, especially young black males, is not much different from what it was even before the economic meltdown. During the Clinton era economic boom, the unemployment rate for young black males was double -- and in

VOICES: Getting corporations to do the right thing

November 5, 2009 - By Phil Mattera, Dirt Diggers DigestI admit it -- the Dirt Diggers Digest is guilty of focusing on the bad news about corporate misdeeds. So in this post I will write about something positive: activist groups that are succeeding in changing corporate behavior for the better. The occasion for this shift in emphasis is the recent announcement of the winners of the BENNY awards, which are given out by the Business Ethics Network.