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Seniors' Social Security checks latest target of predatory lenders

By R. Neal
February 12, 2008 - Similar to how check cashers and payday lenders set up shop around military bases to prey on enlisted personnel and their families, they're now lurking around retirement homes to prey on the elderly. And worse, a loophole in federal law allows them to have Social Security deposits made directly to their accounts, from which they dole out "allowances" to their victims.

Deadliest tornado swarm since 1985

By R. Neal
February 7, 2008 - A roundup of reports from around the South, where deadly storms ripped through Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky Tuesday night leaving a wake of death and destruction... From the 9PM Wednesday TEMA Situation Report:

Super Fat Tuesday

By R. Neal
February 5, 2008 - New Orleans once again takes a short break from their struggle and puts aside the bitterness and pain to celebrate Mardi Gras and a spirit that cannot be drowned, kept down, or run out of town.

Tennessee leads the nation in bankruptcy

By R. Neal
January 31, 2008 - According to a new report by the National Bankruptcy Research Center, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama have the top three highest bankruptcy rates in the nation. Arkansas, Mississippi, and Kentucky round out the top ten.