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VOICES: Health care reform - a step forward but long road ahead

April 1, 2010 - By Maya Rockeymoore, New America MediaNow that the health care reform bill has been signed into law, President Obama and the Democratic Congress have a significant legislative victory to call their own. While many are relieved that the United States has finally been able to gain a foothold on reform -- an accomplishment that has eluded presidents for almost 100 years -- plenty of others are still wondering what the changes will mean for their lives.

Georgia worries about uptick in H1N1 cases

March 18, 2010 - By Anthony D. Avincula, New America MediaATLANTA -- Contrary to perception in the South and other parts of the country that H1N1 virus has already ebbed in recent months, health department officials here reported an unusual uptick in flu cases and warned that the H1N1 pandemic is far from over. The last week of February alone saw 36 people hospitalized because of H1N1 and seasonal flu. In the first week of March the number had almost