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Wade Rathke's Journal: NO's Future

September 13, 2005 - Wade Rathke, a legendary organizer with ACORN (Association of Communities Organized for Reform Now) and SEIU Local 100 based in New Orleans, has been sharing some very interesting thoughts on his personal blog.

What Evacuees Need: A Seat at the Table

September 6, 2005 - New Orleans resident Wade Rathke, who is also chief organizer for the low-income organziation ACORN and SEIU Local 100, has some thoughts about what's needed in New Orleans now.

Katrina: A View From the Road

September 1, 2005 - Chris here, writing from the road in vacation land. Figures that I'd pick a week when the South is hit with one of the most monumental and devastating events in recent history to recharge my mental batteries.