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Gulf Watch: National Hurricane Center gadfly shooed out

July 12, 2007 - We've reported here on concerns raised by National Hurricane Center Director Bill Proenza that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was wasting money on a frivolous 200th anniversary celebration while front-line researchers faced budget shortfalls and a failing satelli

Hurricane season sales tax break

By R. Neal
May 23, 2006 - For the second year in a row, the State of Florida declared a 12 day sales tax exemption on supplies and other merchandise used for hurricane preparation. The tax holiday started Sunday, and continues through June 1st, the start of hurricane season. Tax exempt items include: Flashlights and portable, self-powered light sources – $20 or less Portable radios, two-way radios and weather-band radios – for $50 or less Flexible waterproof sheeting (tarps) – $50 or less Gas or diesel fuel containers – $25 or less Batteries – $30 or less

Heartbreaking tragedy in Texas...

By R. Neal
September 23, 2005 - Posted by R. Neal WILMER, Texas: A bus carrying elderly evacuees from Hurricane Rita caught fire and was rocked by explosions early Friday on a gridlocked highway near Dallas, killing as many as 24 people, authorities said.