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John Edwards

2008 campaign loses a voice for "the other America"

January 30, 2008 - UPDATE: I cross-posted this at DailyKos and it's generating some interesting discussion. It's fitting that former N.C. Senator John Edwards will be heading to New Orleans today to announce his exit from the presidential race. With Edwards' departure, the still-ravaged Gulf Coast will lose its most passionate -- maybe its only -- advocate in the 2008 campaign.

Edwards, money and hypocrisy (Part 2)

July 16, 2007 - Former Sen. John Edwards' controversial comments in favor of limiting the number of participants in the presidential debates came after an NAACP candidates forum in which straight-talking former U.S. Sen.

Edwards, money and hypocrisy (Part 1)

July 16, 2007 - Former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) still gets ribbing for his $175 haircuts. But when it comes to illustrating the disconnect between Edwards' man-of-the-people rhetoric and his actions, the designer 'dos aren't the worst of it.

Workin' It

April 21, 2006 - Air America Radio and American Rights at Work, an excellent group advocating for the worker's rights on the job, are launching a new radio show that sounds terrific:

A PLAN Take Form

August 17, 2005 - The Institute is represented here in cloudy Seattle at the Progressive Legislative Action Network conference, which is being held amidst the annual gathering of the National Conference of State Legislatures.