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Political scientist Angie Maxwell on countering the 'Long Southern Strategy'

Benjamin Barber

The University of Arkansas professor who co-wrote a book on the Republican Party's decades-long effort to win white Southerners' support through coded and not-so-coded appeals to racism, sexism, and Christian nationalism talks with Facing South about where that approach stands today — and what the election results in Georgia tell us about its future.

Paul Manafort's role in the Republicans' notorious 'Southern Strategy'

Sue Sturgis

Before landing in legal trouble for his actions related to advising a pro-Russia political party in Ukraine, President Trump's former campaign chair was a GOP operative who worked to build support for the party among whites by appealing to their racism against African Americans.

Messages America must hear from Charleston: Rev. Barber's sermon on the Emanuel AME massacre

Sue Sturgis
Rev. Dr. William Barber, president of the NC NAACP and leader of the Moral Monday movement, delivered a sermon Sunday about the messages of the Charleston church shootings: that nine people were killed because their church fought racism, that racism is not just ugly words but policies often promoted through coded racist language, and that we need not closure but systemic change.