U.S. Poll: "Get Out of Iraq"

Anti-war progressive activists are routinely denounced by the media, pundits, and others -- including Democratic leaders -- for taking a position that the U.S. should get out of Iraq.

But a recent Gallup poll shows this may not be such a radical viewpoint after all. Before President Bush's press conference last night, Gallup asked 1,003 people what advice they would give Bush if they had the chance. According to the Washington Post:

If they could, topic one would be the war in Iraq. Consider this finding: Among Democrats, the top two things they would say to Bush are "get out of Iraq" and "you're doing a bad job." The top two things independents would say are "get out of Iraq" and "leave Social Security alone." The top two things Republicans would say are "you're doing a good job" -- and "get out of Iraq."

See a common theme?