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Papers report dismal 6 months

May 8, 2006 - The Drudge Report (which has every reason to celebrate the demise of print journalism, for several reasons) is listing the latest circulation figures for the top 20 newspapers, and the 6-month trend lines don't look too good.

What happens to DoD money?

April 28, 2006 - Over at TAPPED, Matthew Yglesias notes a recent report by the Congressional Research Service (covered in the Washington Post) analyzing spending for the Iraq war. Apparently it's a slow read until the end:

Immigration the new third rail?

By R. Neal
March 28, 2006 - As I mentioned here before, I believe the U.S. needs a rational immigration policy but I'm not sure what one looks like. I'm surprised that Congress has decided to take it on in a hotly contested election year, but I guess I shouldn't be because there could be lots of votes to be gained with the right posturing and rhetoric.

Virginia rejects minimum wage hike

By R. Neal
February 9, 2006 - From the Washington Post, the Virginia legislature rejected a proposed state minimum wage increase to $6.15 per hour, leaving the current federal minimum wage standard of $5.15 in place.