Newsweek reports that ex-Sen. John Edwards' (D-NC) quest for the White House continues on track:

This week ... he'll host a retreat in D.C., where close advisers and big donors will discuss plans for the poverty center he founded at the University of North Carolina and how his One America PAC can help Dems in state races nationwide. Also on the agenda, says one confidant: brainstorming "how to keep his public profile up there and build a bigger network for 2008... If Elizabeth is well, he's going to make a run for it."

One key step in the presidential packaging campaign: "This summer, he and Elizabeth will pack up their Georgetown home and head back to North Carolina, where he can burnish his outsider credentials."

If you happen to be in the market for a $6.5 million Georgetown manse, you can take a photo tour here. (Thanks to Political Wire)