A Kind Mention In Today's Times

A tip of the hat to the New York Times for their kind mention of Facing South in the "What's Online" section this morning. For those who aren't registered or otherwise can't get to the piece, here's what they said:

GOING SOUTH The blog (southernstudies.org) run by the Institute for Southern Studies, "Facing South," takes on all the cultural and political issues you might expect: racism, inequality, political organizing, the war in Iraq. But there is also a heavy focus on economic and business issues. It is unabashed in its political point of view, but is light on commentary, often just presenting the facts of news articles about corporate corruption and economic inequality. Sometimes, though, comment there must be, as with the recent post referring to an article about a furniture company that is laying off 1,200 workers in North Carolina. " 'Labor costs' are often blamed for the loss of Southern manufacturing," writes a blogger, Chris Kromm, "which implies that it's somehow blue collar plant workers who are at fault for footloose factories leaving the country. Rigged trade deals without labor standards (and corporations all too willing to take advantage of them) are better targets."

And thanks to reader LK in South Carolina for the tip.