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INSTITUTE INDEX - Fiddling While the World Burns

Square miles of Southern coasts at risk of "tidal inundation" in the next century due to rising sea levels from global warming: 24,500

Square mileage of the state of West Virginia: 24,231

Percent by which "minority" residents are more likely to die in a heat wave: 100%

Percent that heat-related deaths could increase due to climate change, according to a study of 15 U.S. cities: 90%

Number of countries whose scientific academies have declared the risk of climate change is certain enough to demand "prompt action": 11

Amount Exxon Mobile has paid to groups and people, including a Fox News correspondent, to downplay climate change risks: $8 million

Factor by which British newspapers covered global warming issues more than U.S. papers in a 2000 study: 3:1