A Small Anniversary

It blew right by us like a gust of summer heat, but August 10 marked the 6-month anniversary of our patch of progressive blogdom, Facing South. Given the blog pioneers in our midst, that means we're still newbies -- although with thousands of new blogs setting forth daily, we feel older every day.

It's been a fun half-year. In those six months, FS has posted 354 times. Without much promotion -- just word-of-mouth and some very kind referrers -- we've built up a steady readership of 10,000 visitors a week, sometimes a lot more (guess we just missed the cut here).

Most importantly, our dispatches have put important issues on the national radar, helping shape the debate about what's happening in the South and what could be different.

If you like what we're trying to do, here's one way you can help: We're about to launch our end-of-summer fundraising drive. If you'd like to pitch in to support Facing South's investigative reporting and coverage of important issues, please visit here. Every dollar makes a big difference. Thanks in advance.