If things don't work out in government, there's always the get-rich-quick promise of government contracting.

Al Kamen reports in the Washington Post that Michael Brown, former FEMA director who resigned in disgrace after the botched Katrina response, is now working the other side of the Katrina money racket:

Former FEMA director Michael D. Brown works for Michael D. Brown LLC, a change-your-address-book information notice said last week. Brown is going into the consulting business with offices here and in Boulder, Colo., the announcement said.

The office here is at 101 Constitution Ave. NW. Hmmm. That's the fancy new building that is also home to the tony Charlie Palmer restaurant. It says he's in Suite 525 East.

Sounds familiar. Oh, it's in the offices of the Allbaugh Co., run by former FEMA director and top Bush aide in Texas Joe M. Allbaugh , a college chum of Brown's who brought him to Washington. Same phone number, too.

Allbaugh, you'll remember, is the founder of the Shaw Group, which quickly secured $100 million for a FEMA housing contract, and represents companies like Halliburton that are seeking more FEMA money.