Intel veterans against torture

A follow-up to our earlier post about fake CIA airline companies in NC and TN that are used to shuttle terror suspects to torture-friendly countries: Jason Vest, a contributor to Southern Exposure, has a great piece at National Journal about U.S. torture policy, and specifically the practice of "extraordinary rendition" that the airlines in NC and TN are part of.

The Bush administration shrugs off the torture charges as 1) untrue, and 2) not a big deal, since these are "bad" people anyway. The strength of Vest's piece is that it quotes a list of intelligence pros -- a community where Vest has good sources -- who not only think the U.S. is using torture, but that it's wrong. Go read the whole thing here.

And don't forget -- there could be a little airline company in your backyard doing some "extraordinary rendition" as I write.