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Darryl Malek-Wiley, a long-time Louisiana organizer, sends along this announcement about a party happening this Saturday. Looks like a bunch of French Quarter establishments and Abita Brewery (maker of TurboDog, one of my favorite beers) are behind the cause, this could be a good time:

For immediate release:November 30, 2005
Contact:Micah Walker Parkin 504-258-1247 or
Casey Demoss Roberts: 504-982-0468

The Party to Save New Orleans

November 30, 2005, New Orleans - Here in Louisiana, and especially in New Orleans, we're known for partying. We party for all kinds of reasons. This Saturday, Dec. 3rd, we're going to party for one of the most important reasons of all: to save our city and region. After two disastrous hurricanes this year, and amid concerns about increasing global warming and its effect on hurricane size and intensity and sea levels, we're partying to send a message.

The New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club and the Alliance for Affordable Energy are organizing one of over 60 events taking place worldwide on Dec. 3rd, an "International Day of Action" to bring the world's attention to international global warming discussions taking place in Montreal, Canada, and show support for the U.S. to do its part to reduce global warming pollution.

For the first time ever, the Kyoto Protocol ongoing discussions are taking place in North America. From Nov. 28-Dec.9 world leaders are gathering in Montreal (11th Conference of the Parties) to discuss implementation plans for the Kyoto Protocol in order to meet the first phase of a 5% greenhouse gas reduction between 2008-2012 and to set goals beyond.

So far there has been a lack of constructive participation by the United States, with the Bush Administration refusing to sign onto the Kyoto Protocol citing economic concerns. Nevertheless, the Protocol went into effect last year when Russia signed on.

However, many fear that without the United States on board, possibilities for future agreements to reduce global warming pollution could collapse. Other countries may begin to waiver in their commitment to the agreement if the largest contributor to global warming (25%) refuses to participate.

"We are committed to action in addressing our nation's global warming pollution and encourage our city, state and national leaders to take a stand," said Micah Walker Parkin, Program Director of the Alliance for Affordable Energy.

The Alliance and Sierra Club promote energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, alternative fuel and transportation choices, and smart growth to reduce U.S. dependence on the fossil fuels contributing to global warming and to save people money.

These groups and several others are sending letters encouraging Governor Blanco, Mayors Ray Nagin of New Orleans and Kip Holden of Baton Rouge, and Senators Mary Landrieu and David Vitter to attend the Montreal conference and to be leaders in the effort to stop global warming, given Louisiana's extreme vulnerabilities. They have been invited by the Canadian Government and organizers of events that will take place along side the conference for these leaders.

The "Save New Orleans, Stop Global Warming!" party is being sponsored by several French Quarter bar owners and the Abita Brewery. Participating bars for the "quarter crawl" include Razzoo's, The Old Absinthe House, Bourbon Orleans Snooks, and The Original Johnny White's. Crawlers will meet at 5pm at Razzoo's and will complete their journey at Bourbon Orleans Snooks for a performance by New Orleans' own "Country Fried".

"If we save New Orleans, we'll also help save our coast, wetlands, wildlife, communities, and one-third of Louisiana's economic base - that's a goal worth celebrating!" said Casey Demoss Roberts, Chair of the New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club.