Chris reported yesterday on Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco's newly found leverage in Washington, namely the state's say so regarding new offshore drilling.

A report in today's NOLA Times Picayune says that Louisiana's new authority is the result of redrawing the offshore boundaries just last month so that the proposed drilling area is now part of Louisiana's offshore boundary. (Who knew you could gerrymander offshore oil lease boundaries?)

This is interesting. A more cynical person might think that a) the White House is throwing Blanco and Landrieu a bone, b) the proposed drilling area was moved to a state desperately in need of funding in the wake of Katrina where it will likely get more public and political support, or c) both.

Whatever the motivation, Louisiana needs all the help it can get. If the drilling is going to happen, and based on the frantic maneuverings over the past few months it appears likely that it will, Louisiana may as well benefit as much as possible.