Koufax craziness

The clock is ticking, we're all on the edge of our seats. Yep, it's Koufax Awards time, when progressive blog-watchers get to choose their favorite reads of the year.

You have until MIDNIGHT tonight to cast your vote in the following categories:

Best Blog (non-professional)
Best Blog -- Sponsored or Professional
Best Blog Community
Best Writing
Best New Blog
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Best Post
Best Series
Best Group Blog
Most Humorous Blog
Most Humorous Post
Best State or Local Blog
Best Commenter

Your old friend Facing South has been nominated in three categories -- Most Deserving of Wider Recognition, Best Series for our coverage of Katrina, and Best State/Local Blog. Given the amazing competition, it would truly be an honor to receive votes in any of these areas, although I'm especially proud of our tireless coverage of the 2005 Gulf Coast storms and their aftermath.

So go ahead and vote, if only for the small suitcase stuffed with unmarked $10 bills that will be delivered in exchange for supporting Facing South warm feeling you'll get for honoring the best of the progressive blogs.