Missed this item -- which came out just before July 4 -- but Facing South readers may still find it of interest.

According to a poll by the Pew Research Center in June, U.S. residents love their country -- fully 90% answer "yes" to the question, "are you very patriotic?"

(Although "intense" patriotism is down, especially among Republicans: the number of Republicans who "completely agree" with the statement "I am very patriotic" has dropped 10% over the last four years, compared to 7% overall.)

But when it comes to flying the U.S. flag, some are more into showing their patriotic colors than others. As Pew reports:

Notably, significantly more Northeasterners and Midwesterners fly the flag than do residents of the South or the West. Roughly seven-in-ten residents of the Northeast (69%) say they fly the flag, compared with 67% in the Midwest, 58% in the South, and 57% in the West.

Race also plays a big role in who flies the flag:

Fully 67% of whites say they display the flag, compared with just 41% of African Americans.

See the table below for more on who puts Old Glory on display, and who doesn't: