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Number of North Carolina pilots linked to CIA "torture flights" that an Institute investigation helped identify in spring 2007: 5

Number of fact-finding trips to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast conducted by Institute staff this year: 6

As revealed in an Institute report this August, percent of President Bush's "big check" for Hurricane Katrina that is actually going towards long-term recovery: 30%

Percent of that long-term recovery money that the Institute exposed had not even been spent as of August 2007: 55%

Date in September that Institute director Chris Kromm addressed Congress on the need to act swiftly to address the Gulf Coast housing crisis: 26

Number of times Institute staff were interviewed on TV and radio about Hurricane Katrina, the Jena 6 case and other key issues this year: 48

Estimated audience this media coverage reached: 25 million

Copies of reports on the Katrina recovery that the Institute distributed to grassroots leaders, policy-makers and the media: 12,000

Date in January that the Institute will release the first in-depth report on Hurricane Katrina and human rights, in tandem with a visit by a United Nations delegation: 14

Amount of money the John Locke Foundation, a right-wing think tank, received from fossil fuel while it denying the existence of human-caused global warming, according to a November Institute report: $125,500

In response to the report, number of times the Locke Foundation president called the Institute "kooks," "anti-Christian bigots" and Castro sympathizers: 1, 1 and 1

Minimum number of times that a senior editor at the Locke Foundation, which claims more science science is needed before states take action on climate change, has publicly stated that global warming isn't caused by humans but instead is fulfillment of biblical prophecy of End Times: 1

Percent of the Institute's Investigative Reporting Fund supported by readers: 92%

Value of government and large corporate contributions the Institute receives: $0

Date in May 2008 that the Institute will launch Facing South Magazine, the first in-depth online magazine about the South: 1

Goal for Institute's 2007 end-of-year fundraiser to support a fearless and independent voice for change in the South: $10,000

Percent chance that we will reach this goal with your support today: 100%