The Pickens Plan: Wind, natural gas, and drill everywhere

Chris O'Brien, reporter for the San Jose Mercury News has posted excerpts from his interview with T. Boone Pickens, the Texas-based oil-man-turned-wind-energy-advocate.

The Pickens Plan, as O'Brien lays it out:

In short, Pickens wants to build massive wind farms to generate 22 percent of our electricity. He would use that to free up natural gas which would then be used to power new fleets of trucks and government-owned vehicles.

Such views have brought Pickens attention from the media and environmentalists. But the interview reveals that Pickens hasn't turned entirely green. When O'Brien asks him about the hot issue of offshore drilling, Pickens doesn't flinch:

You oughta drill off the West Coast, the East Coast, ANWR, Florida, the whole thing.

Watch the video here; listen to the audio here.