Blacksville #2 mine in Monongalia County, West Virginia shut down today after every union miner stayed home to protest Consol Energy mine owners who allowed the National Rifle Association to enter the worksite to shoot an anti-Obama video.

According to news reports:

More than 440 workers who are members of the United Mine Workers of America took what's called a Memorial Day instead of going to work.

Union officials say they took the day to protest after a film crew from the National Rifle Association showed up at the Consol mine last week to interview union workers.

They say the crew tried to get union coal miners to speak out against Barack Obama.

The news story somewhat buries the lead. The big issue for miners in the UMWA -- which has endorsed Obama -- is that Consol, who owns the mine, made the highly unusual decision to allow the NRA to come on the worksite and goad workers into making anti-Obama statements:

"Consol doesn't let anybody on their property -- never," said Safety Committee Member Mark Dorsey, "And for them to let the NRA come on the property and solicit our membership was totally uncalled for. We made our endorsement to our political process and we didn't bother them and they shouldn't be harassing our membership over this."

More background here.