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Election 2008

Election 2008: Is the anti-immigrant movement running out of political steam?

December 2, 2008 - If you ever listen to AM talk radio, you know that immigration is one of the hottest hot-button issues for the political right. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, immigration hard-liners were big losers in the 2008 elections -- especially in the South:Virginia Republican Congressman Virgil Goode's narrow loss to Democrat Tom Perriello became official last week, and it caps another bad showing for immigration restrictionists. For the second straight

Election 2008: Obama and a changing South

November 14, 2008 - Facing South has reported on the changing political landscape of the South, arguing that with the social, economic, and demographic changes occurring across the region, there is a need for a new political strategy to address the South's emerging relevance. This relevance was shown in clear detail this month when the South helped to elect the the first African-American president of the United States.