Election 2008: Swing State Watch -- Southern races get tighter

The latest Southern Swing State Watch (TM) rankings. The big picture: The rankings are the same, but all of the races are getting tighter.

1 - North Carolina - Obama +1.3
2 - Florida - Obama +2.6
3 - Georgia - McCain +3.8
4 - Virginia - Obama +7.1
5 - West Virginia - McCain +9.5
Every one of these margins are smaller than yesterday. That's especially problematic for Obama, who stands the most to gain from picking up a Southern state.

* The Institute's Swingability Rankings measure states by how close they are in the presidential race and therefore the degree to which they could "swing" either way. We use an average of the polling trend averages at Pollster.com, the state projections at 538.com, and an undisclosed secret family recipe.