Just hours left in Facebook fundraiser for Freedom Journalism School!

We're down to the wire: The 3 p.m. ET deadline for our 24-hour Facebook fundraiser is fast approaching. Have you chipped in yet?

There's still time: If you're on Facebook, please consider donating $10 for the Freedom Journalism School before the 2:59 pm deadline today:


The campaign is going strong: Friends like you have already helped us raise almost $2,000 for the cause!

We're also in the top 20 for the 24-hour contest to see who can get the most donations of $10 or more and win $1,000 for the school -- even though we're competing with much bigger organizations!

All it takes is 2 minutes and $10 for you to help train 50 free and fearless investigative journalists in the South.

Please go now and chip in $10 or more for the Freedom Journalism School!


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Thank you!