Amount Florida utilities want to bill their customers in advance for planned new nuclear reactors: $200 million

Amount the state's Public Service Commission has already authorized the companies to bill their customers in advance: $269 million

Number of new reactors proposed for the state by FPL and Progress Energy, respectively: 2, 2

Estimated amount that monthly bills would increase for Progress Energy's Florida customers as a result: $40

Number of years at minimum it will take before the proposed reactors are built: 10

Size of the rate hike that FPL originally requested for its proposed reactors: $1.26 billion

Size of the rate hike the PSC approved: $75.5 million

Month that Fitch put FPL on its negative ratings watch after the Public Service Commission declined its full rate hike request: 1/2010

Month that Fitch downgraded Progress Energy to just above junk bond status: 5/2010

Month that FPL's president told a newspaper editorial board that the company may never build the reactors it wants to build because of a host of problems, including design issues: 6/2010

Number of revisions the design for the Westinghouse AP1000 reactor, which is the type chosen for the Florida projects, has undergone so far without getting final approval: 18

Month that nuclear watchdog groups released a report warning that the AP1000 is vulnerable to serious corrosion problems: 4/2010

Number of construction license applications that have been filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for AP1000 reactors: 14

Percent of those that are in the South: 100

Date that the Florida Public Service Commission begins hearings on the companies' proposed rate hikes: 8/24/2010