Help Facing South watchdog the 2010 elections!

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The right to vote. Free and fair elections. Every person having a say.

Growing up, this is probably what you learned democracy is all about. And millions of people -- like the civil rights veterans who founded the Institute for Southern Studies 40 years ago -- fought to make it a reality.


But with the 2010 elections just a week away, we see dangerous signs everywhere that our democracy and voting rights are under attack:

* Shadowy groups like Americans for Prosperity are flooding our elections with corporate money. In 2010, this secretive spending has ballooned to over a quarter billion dollars.

* In Houston and other cities, Tea Party groups are threatening to send "millions" of activists into African-American and Latino precincts to look for "suspicious" voters.

* Secretive front groups for big energy companies are running attack ads against elected officials who want to combat global warming -- and helping candidates who ignore science and think climate change is a "hoax."

Is this what democracy is supposed to look like?

If you don't think so, then join us in launching Election Watch 2010 -- the Institute investigative team's new project to expose Big Money and threats to voting rights across the South.

Our aims: Shine light on the secretive special interests, arm voters like you with the facts, and give democracy a fighting chance.

Now -- with the elections just a week away -- we need your help to make Election Watch 2010 a success.

Can you help us raise $5,000 for Election Watch with a contribution of $35, $50 or more today?

I hope you can help. Time is short, and every dollar of your tax-deductible contribution will go towards our award-winning investigative team.

Help defend democracy -- make a donation to the Institute and Election Watch today!


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