INSTITUTE INDEX: Regressing further on taxes?

Of the world's 34 most developed nations, rank of the U.S. among the least taxed: 3

Percent of the U.S. gross domestic product represented by total tax revenue -- federal, state, and local -- collected in 2010: 24.8

Percent for the developed countries excluding the U.S.: 33.4

Rank of the U.S. for income inequality among the developed nations due in part to the tax system: 4

Percent decline since 1980 in the U.S. tax system's effectiveness at reducing income inequality: 30

Considering all of the combined state and local income, property, sales, and excise taxes paid, the average overall effective tax rate for the poorest 20 percent of U.S. taxpayers: 11.1%

For the middle 20 percent: 9.4%

For the top 1 percent: 5.6%

Of the five states with the least regressive tax systems*, number in the South: 0

Of the 10 states with the most regressive tax systems**, number in the South: 4

Date on which Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) of Louisiana, which is currently not among the 10 states with the most regressive tax systems, proposed a plan to eliminate his state's income and corporate taxes and pay for the cuts with increased sales taxes: 1/10/2013

Date on which Jindal announced he would "park" the plan, which came under fire for its regressive nature: 4/8/2013

Number of income-tax repeal bills still pending in the Louisiana legislature: 10

Percent of Louisiana's revenue raised by the state income tax: 14 to 17

Percent for most states: 25 to 40

Percent for North Carolina, where there is also talk of eliminating the state income tax: 40

Amount that would have to be carved out of Arkansas' budget if a bill now being considered to cut the state's personal income tax passes: $57 million

Rate by which job growth lagged In states that enacted the biggest 1990s tax cuts compared to states that took a more cautious approach: 1/3

Percent of Louisiana voters who in a recent poll said they opposed Jindal's tax plan: 63

In the same poll, Jindal's approval rating among Louisiana voters: 38%

* 1. Delaware, 2. District of Columbia, 3. New York, 4. Oregon and 5. Vermont.

** 1. Washington, 2. Florida, 3. South Dakota, 4. Illinois. 5. Texas, 6. Tennessee, 7. Arizona, 8. Pennsylvania, 9. Indiana and 10. Alabama.

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