INSTITUTE INDEX: Attack on women's reproductive freedom moves to North Carolina

North Carolina pro-choice advocates called on supporters to turn out to watch the state Senate pass a surprise package of restrictive anti-abortion legislation on July 3. (Image from NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.)

Date on which the Republican-controlled North Carolina Senate, in a surprise move that took place late in the day, overhauled a bill prohibiting Islamic Sharia law to impose harsh restrictions on abortion, including limiting health care coverage for the procedure and requiring doctors to be present when women take a drug that induces abortion: 7/2/2013

Number of clinics in the state providing abortions that would meet the regulatory standards imposed by House Bill 695, titled the Family, Faith, and Freedom Protection Act, which supporters say aims to protect women: 1

Number of anti-abortion groups that had lobbyists present during the Senate committee meeting where the changes were made to the Sharia bill after apparently being informed in advance by lawmakers: at least 3*

Number of lobbyists for pro-choice groups who were were given advance notice that such a measure would be discussed: 0

Vote by which the N.C. Senate passed the bill on July 3 right before adjourning for the Independence Day holiday: 29-12

Estimated number of people who showed up to protest the Senate's final vote on the bill, which now goes to the House for consideration: 600

Number of women in the crowd that packed the Senate gallery for the vote who were arrested after yelling "Shame on you": 1

Date on which North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R), who said he would not sign any new abortion restrictions into law, criticized the process by which the state Senate passed the bill: 7/3/2013

Number of states that have passed such "Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers" or TRAP laws, which impose restrictions beyond what's necessary to protect women's safety: 27

Number of those states that are in the South: 11

Number of states where clinics have already closed because of TRAP laws: 3**

Number of abortion clinics still operating in Mississippi, but which are in danger of closing because of such laws: 1

Factor by which the risk of a woman's death from childbirth exceeds that from abortion: 14

* N.C. Values Coalition, N.C. Family Policy Council, and N.C. Right to Life
** Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia

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