INSTITUTE INDEX: Big Oil aims to kill Louisiana coastal damage lawsuit

Louisiana state Sen. Robert Adley, a gas industry consultant, is the sponsor of five bills that take aim at a lawsuit filed against almost 100 oil and gas companies for damages they've caused to the state's coast.

Number of oil and gas companies being sued by the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East in a bid to make them pay billions of dollars to repair the damage they've done to the state's coast: 97

Percent of Louisiana's coastal land loss attributed to activities of the oil and gas industry: 36 to 80

Year in which Louisiana voters created the authority, which has an eastern and western division, to shield flood protection efforts from political interference: 2006

Percent of voters who approved the constitutional amendment that allowed the authority's creation: 81

Date on which Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R), who opposes the oil industry lawsuit, announced that two authority members who supported the lawsuit wouldn't be reappointed: 9/13/2013

Rank of oil and gas interests among the largest industry contributors to Jindal's campaign: 1

Number of bills that Louisiana state Sen. Robert Adley, a Bossier Parish Republican and former wildcat oil driller, has filed in the current legislative session to kill the lawsuit: 5

Number of years Adley owned Pelican Gas Management, which manages natural gas supplies for small towns through contracts with the state gas authority: 20

Year in which Adley left that business to become a consultant for gas companies: 2012

Rank of oil and gas interests among the biggest industry contributors to Adley's campaigns: 1

Amount Adley raised at his most recent annual fundraiser held at a Baton Rouge house owned by the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association: $15,000 to $20,000

Dozens of "high priced" oil and gas lobbyists working to help Adley kill the lawsuit: 4

Year in which Adley tried unsuccessfully to pass a bill shutting down the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic after oil, gas and chemical industry representatives complained to him about the lawsuits it filed against companies: 2010

Date on which a Louisiana Senate committee chaired by Adley unanimously approved one of his bills to kill the lawsuit: 4/3/2014

Amount it will take to fund Louisiana's 50-year master plan for rebuilding the coast, which a legal settlement with the oil and gas industry could help pay for: $50 billion

If nothing is done to slow the present rate of land loss, number of years in which Louisiana will have lost all of its coastal wetlands habitat: about 200

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