INSTITUTE INDEX: Voting problems reported around the South on Election Day

Florida, Georgia, and Texas were among the states where the Election Protection Coalition got the most calls about voting questions and problems on Election Day. (Map from the Election Protection Coalition's website.)

Since the last midterm election in 2010, number of states that have adopted voting restrictions, ranging from photo ID requirements to new voter registration rules: 22

Of those 22 states, number in the South: 10

Number of calls the Election Protection Coalition's national hotline received as of 8 p.m. on Election Day, with many of the callers navigating restrictive new voting rules: more than 18,000

Percent increase that represents over 2010: 40

Of the five states from which the hotline received the most calls, number in the South: 3

Number of calls the hotline received just from Florida, which the coalition says make clear that "longstanding, systemic problems in the state persist": more than 1,900

Hours that the Florida Democratic Party asked a judge to extend voting in Broward County because of problems including late-opening polling stations, equipment malfunctions, and incorrect information being given by poll workers -- a request that was rejected: 2

Going into Election Day, number of voter registrations that the New Georgia Project, which works primarily in communities of color, said were still missing from the official rolls, a claim that elections officials have denied: about 40,000

Adding to voter confusion in the Peach State, hours that the Georgia Secretary of State's website was down on Election Day, making it impossible for residents to look up polling locations there: "unspecified"

Number of registered voters in Texas who could not vote in this election because they lack the IDs the state will accept: more than 600,000

Percent by which the number of provisional ballots cast in Texas this year increased since the last midterm, with the state's new voter ID law thought to be a factor: 106

In North Carolina, where a restrictive new election law cut early voting by a week, hours that it took people standing in line when the polls closed at 7:30 p.m. to finish voting at one Durham precinct: 1.5

Amid widespread changes to on-campus voting locations across North Carolina, number of different voting sites that Vanessa Floyd, a student at Duke University in Durham, drove to before she could vote because of confusion over her assigned precinct: 3

Number of states including North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida where the number of voters affected by new voting restrictions exceeded the margin of victory in close races for U.S. Senate and governor: 4

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