Date that the North Carolina House passed an initial 16-page version of H.B. 589, a bill requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls: 4/24/2013

Date that the U.S. Supreme Court struck Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, which required 40 counties in North Carolina to gain federal approval for major election changes: 6/25/2013

Date that N.C. Republicans introduced an expanded 57-page "omnibus" version of H.B. 589 with dozens of additional election changes, including eliminating same-day voter registration and reducing early voting days, which eventually became law: 7/23/2015

Date that a federal trial began in Winston-Salem, N.C. over the law: 7/13/2015

Number of N.C. citizens who would have been blocked from voting in 2012 if there had been no same-day voter registration, according to state election chief Kim Strach, who testified this week in the federal trial: 96,529

Number of N.C. voters "disenfranchised" in the 2014 elections due to the election law changes, according to the watchdog group Democracy North Carolina: 30,000

Number of provisional ballots alone that were rejected in 2014 due to the N.C. voting law, according to Democracy North Carolina: 2,344

Percent of those votes were cast by African Americans: 38

Percent of registered voters in N.C. that are African-American: 22

Number of verified cases of voter fraud in North Carolina between 2000 and 2014, according to a researcher at Rutgers University: 2

Number of votes cast in North Carolina during that time period: 35 million

Weeks before the federal trial that state lawmakers passed a last-minute measure to soften North Carolina's voter ID requirement by allowing alternate forms of ID to be presented: 3

Number of people that descended on Winston-Salem for a march and prayer service called by the NAACP on the first day of the voting trial, declaring "this is our Selma": at least 1,200

Number of states that have passed new voting restrictions since 2010: 21

Number of states where these restrictions will be in effect for the first time in a presidential election in 2016: 15

Number of those states that are in the South: 7

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