INSTITUTE INDEX: The chaos behind the mass executions in Arkansas

At an April 17 rally, activists called for an end to Arkansas's scheduled mass execution of eight death-row inmates in a 10-day period. (Phote from the ACLU of Arkansas Facebook page.)

Date on which Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced plans to end his state's 12-year moratorium on the death penalty by setting execution dates for eight inmates over a 10-day period in April: 2/27/2017

Date on which the state's eight remaining doses of a key execution drug was set to expire, which led to Hutchinson's rush to use them: 4/30/2017

Prior to this month, number of people Arkansas had executed since 1976: 27

Of the eight executions Arkansas originally planned for April, number that were carried out: 4

Of the eight men to be executed, number who appeared to suffer from a serious mental illness or intellectual impairment: at least 5

Number who had always maintained their innocence and had requested DNA testing to prove their claim: 2

In a federal lawsuit brought last month on behalf of the eight men and a ninth death-row inmate seeking an injunction, constitutional amendments they said the executions violated: 8th and 14th

Number of days before Bruce Earl Ward's scheduled April 17 execution that the Arkansas Supreme Court issued an emergency stay because he is paranoid schizophrenic: 3

Amount of time before Don Davis's scheduled April 17 execution that a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court effectively halted it: moments

Number of days after granting Stacey Johnson a stay to allow for DNA testing that the Arkansas Supreme Court refused the same request for Ledell Lee, despite the fact that the DNA claims in the two cases were "virtually identical":  1

Rank of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to allow Arkansas' execution of Lee among those made by President Trump's newly appointed justice, Neil Gorsuch: 1st

Number of minutes before his death warrant expired that Lee was pronounced dead on April 20: 4

Number of days after Lee's execution that Jack Jones and Marcel Williams were executed hours apart on the same gurney: 4

Number of minutes into his April 27 execution that Kenneth Williams began coughing, convulsing and lurching, making sounds that were audible to witnesses even with the microphone turned off: 3

Of the four men executed in Arkansas, number who were Black: 3

Number of people who have been executed in the U.S. so far in 2017: 10

Of these, number from the South: 9

Number who were Black: 5

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