Date on which the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and N.C. Justice Center filed a federal lawsuit against North Carolina over the Farm Act of 2017, which bars farmworker unions from entering agreements with employers to have union dues transferred from paychecks: 11/15/2017

Prior to the law's passage, percent of their weekly wages that were automatically being deducted from North Carolina FLOC members' paychecks for dues: 2.5

Federal hourly minimum wage for agricultural work on North Carolina farms that employ migrant workers in the U.S. on seasonal H2A visas, who make up most of FLOC's dues-paying members: $11.27

Percent of FLOC revenue raised from union dues: 50 to 60

Number of farmworkers represented by FLOC in North Carolina: about 10,000

Total number of seasonal farmworkers in North Carolina: over 100,000

Amount they help generate for the state's economy: more than $12 billion

Percent of North Carolina migrant farmworkers — a group that the lawsuit notes is disproportionately subject to "discrimination, labor exploitation, poverty, human trafficking, debt peonage, and involuntary servitude" — who are Latino: over 90

Percent of North Carolina agricultural operators who are white: over 90

According to a 2011 study by the Center for Worker Health at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, percent of North Carolina farmworkers who had access to needed safety equipment: 15

Percent of farmworker camps in North Carolina that meet state migrant housing standards: 11

Year in which the farm owned by North Carolina state Sen. Brent Jackson, a primary sponsor of the Farm Act, was found to have broken federal minimum wage, disclosure, and recordkeeping regulations: 2015

Number of people who signed a petition calling on Jackson to pay his workers what they were owed: 10,000

Amount Jackson — a Republican who holds a number of leadership positions in the state Senate — paid in a settlement with seven FLOC workers who sued him over the wage-theft claims: $96,950

Number of months following the settlement that Jackson introduced the Farm Act: 2.5

Date on which seven farmworkers, with FLOC's backing, signed an agreement with a Kentucky tobacco grower to settle wage-theft claims: 11/2/2017

Hourly wage that Kentucky tobacco grower Wayne Day paid his farmworkers this year: $8

The current federal hourly minimum wage for agricultural work on Kentucky farms employing H2A workers: $10.92

Number of planting seasons during which Day underpaid the workers: 3

Weeks those workers went on strike to draw attention to their plight: nearly 4

Settlement the workers won from Day to cover back wages and attorneys' fees: $20,000

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