In the 2016 election for the U.S. House of Representatives, percent of votes that Republican candidates received nationally: 49

Percent of seats that Republicans now hold in the U.S. House: 55

According to Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, percentage-point margin of victory that Democrats would need this year to gain a majority in the U.S. House: 7

According to the Brennan Center for Justice: 11

Last year that either party had an 11-point margin of victory in U.S. House races: 1982

Percentage-point margin by which respondents in a recent Reuters survey preferred a Democratic congressional candidate over a Republican: 9

Number of Southern states included in the Brennan Center's list of seven states where congressional maps show "consistent and high partisan bias" in favor of Republicans: 4

In the current Congress, estimated net number of seats gained by Republicans through gerrymandering: 16 to 17

Under congressional maps that were redrawn due to a racial gerrymandering lawsuit, number of Virginia's 12 seats that Democrats are expected to win if they receive half of all votes: 5

After a court ordered North Carolina legislators to fix its racially gerrymandered congressional map, number of the state's 13 districts that the Elections Committee co-chair admitted were drawn to elect Republicans: 10

Percent of the overall vote that Democrats are estimated to need to overcome North Carolina Republicans' advantage and take a fourth congressional seat: 53

In the 2016 election for the North Carolina state House, percent of votes that Republican candidates received: 53

Under legislative maps that were redrawn as part of a different racial gerrymandering lawsuit, percent of N.C. House seats Republicans won that year: 77

In the 2017 state House election in Virginia, percentage points by which Democrats beat Republicans overall: 9

Percent of seats Democrats now control there: 49

Number of lawsuits over partisan and racial gerrymandering currently pending at the U.S. Supreme Court: 4

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