Date on which a press conference was held in New Orleans to demand compensation for people sickened by BP's 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill off the Louisiana coast: 8/31/2018

Number of coastal residents, first responders, and cleanup workers who've filed claims to receive compensation: more than 37,000

Number that have been approved for compensation: more than 22,700

Of those, number who suffered from acute conditions like rashes, nosebleeds, and shortness of breath and thus received the minimum payment: about 18,000

Minimum payment for cleanup workers who became acutely ill: $1,300

For coastal residents who did: $900

Amount they'll get for actual hospital expenses: $0

Number of claims paid out so far to victims who became seriously and chronically ill: 40

Total amount BP has paid out in medical claims: $67 million

Amount the claims administrator was paid: $155 million

Amount the attorneys representing injured families were paid: $700 million

Year in which the federal judge who handled BP spill-related cases issued a controversial ruling in the cleanup workers' class-action lawsuit that sided with BP's interpretation of a medical settlement agreement: 2014

Because of that ruling, year by which cleanup workers had to be diagnosed by a doctor in order to be entitled to settlement payments, even though cancer and other conditions can take years to develop: 2012

Amount the change saved BP: roughly $1 billion

BP's profits in 2017: $6.2 billion

If claimants decide to pursue their own lawsuit against BP, amount they must pay in filing fees: $400

Number of people who've signed an online petition demanding that the courts and BP take care of sickened cleanup workers: over 97,000

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