INSTITUTE INDEX: The corporate interests backing Trump's latest Supreme Court pick

Judge Amy Coney Barrett, seen here at a Sept. 26 White House event announcing her nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, has a history of pro-business rulings, and her nomination is being promoted by big-spending business interests. (Official White House photo by Shealagh Craighead via Flickr.)

Year in which President Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett — his choice to fill the U.S. Supreme Court seat formerly held by recently deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg — to a seat on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals: 2017

Since Barrett's appointment to the federal appeals court, percent of cases in which she's sided with corporations over people, according to an analysis by the liberal watchdog group 76

Amount America First Action, a pro-Trump super PAC, is planning to spend to promote Barrett's nomination: $5 million

Rank of Kelcy Warren, the chair and CEO of Dallas-based pipeline company Energy Transfer Partners, among the biggest contributors to AFA so far during this election cycle, according to 1

Amount Warren has contributed to AFA in this cycle alone: $10 million

Rank of oil and gas interests among AFA's leading industry contributors in the last election cycle, according to 4*

Amount that Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the libertarian super PAC founded by the brothers behind the Koch Industries oil and chemical conglomerate, says it's spending to place pro-Barrett ads in 10 states, including Alabama, the Carolinas, Georgia, and West Virginia: between $1 million and $9,999,999

Amount Koch Industries has contributed to AFP's super PAC this year alone, making it the top contributor: $5 million

Amount that Ronald Cameron, president and CEO of Arkansas-based Mountaire Farms, a chicken processing company with plants in several Southern states, contributed to AFP's super PAC this cycle, making him the group's second-biggest donor for the period: $3.5 million

Amount that Club for Growth, known for backing far-right candidates against moderate Republican incumbents, is planning to spend to support Barrett's nomination: $5 million

Rank of manufacturing and investment among the top industry contributors to Club for Growth, respectively, in this election cycle: 1, 2

Under conservative Chief Justice John Roberts, number of times the Supreme Court's Republican appointees have delivered 5-4 partisan rulings, with no Democratic appointees joining them, and with many of them involving cases pushed to the court by business interests: 80

In the court's last term, percent of cases on its docket involving cases in which lower courts ruled against corporate interests: 91

Last time the U.S. Supreme Court was so friendly to big business, during what was known as its "Lochner era": 1897 to 1937

* AFA's top five contributors by industry are casinos and gambling, health professionals, oil and gas, real estate, and steel.

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