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kelcy warren

INSTITUTE INDEX: Rick Perry's oily plans for an authoritarian America

Sue Sturgis

A text sent to the Trump White House the day after the 2020 election outlining a strategy to have the Supreme Court decide the outcome of the presidential race reportedly came from the phone of former Energy Secretary and Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Championing the election's overthrow didn't dim Perry's job prospects, though: He resigned his Trump administration post that December and the following month became a director for the general partner of Energy Transfer, the Dallas-based pipeline company led by billionaire Trump backer and longtime Perry associate Kelcy Warren, whose interests Perry profitably championed in Washington.

Meet the Southern donors who have already maxed out for Trump in 2020

Olivia Paschal

A Facing South analysis of federal election data shows that nearly 500 residents of Southern states have already contributed as much as they're legally allowed to Trump’s re-election campaign. Among them are major players in the oil and gas and private prison industries.

Defiant after Dakota setback, Texas company eyes pipeline through Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin

Sue Sturgis

A day after denying Energy Transfer Partner's plan to route the Dakota Access Pipeline under a river near Sioux lands in North Dakota, the Army announced hearings for another of the company's controversial projects: a 162-mile oil pipeline cutting through Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin, the largest U.S. wetlands and a last refuge for more than a dozen at-risk species.

Meet the Texas billionaire and GOP donor behind the North Dakota pipeline controversy

Sue Sturgis

Kelcy Warren chairs Energy Transfer Equity, the Dallas company behind the petro pipeline being fought by Indian tribes who say it's desecrating sacred land in North Dakota and putting water supplies at risk. Warren is a major contributor to Republican political causes, but will his influence help his project succeed?

South's presidential mega-donors, many with oil ties, give exclusively to GOP candidates

Alex Kotch
So far this year 67 individuals and companies have given $1 million or more to super PACs supporting presidential candidates. Southern donors, including many Texas oil billionaires, account for over 50 percent of the contributions and have given exclusively to GOP candidates.