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INSTITUTE INDEX: Atlantic drilling push meets opposition in coastal communities

Sue Sturgis
An alliance of pro-drilling coastal state governors and the energy industry is pressing the Obama administration to open the Atlantic to oil and gas development. But a growing grassroots movement is fighting the plan, arguing that the environmental and economic risks are too great.

DRIVE TO DRILL: The growing resistance to Atlantic oil and gas drilling

Sue Sturgis

Southern governors, working in concert with energy industry lobbyists, are pressing the Obama administration to open ocean waters off the East Coast from Virginia to Georgia to oil and gas development. But a burgeoning grassroots movement bringing together environmentalists, business leaders and coastal residents is gaining momentum as it fights to block drilling in the Atlantic.

Looting Louisiana: How the Jindal administration is helping Big Oil rip off a cash-strapped state

Sue Sturgis
As Louisiana struggles with a looming $1.6 billion budget deficit, the Jindal administration is helping the state's oil and gas industry avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes and royalties. A new video primer details the scheme using data from state audits.

Will BP go on trial?

Chris Kromm

After the expected court date for BP's trial for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill was delayed this week, rumors have grown about a settlement that could close the case. But will Gulf Coast communities still reeling from the disaster see justice?