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Friday Dogblogging

Friday dogblogging: Economic woes spark opening of pet food pantry in N.C.

Sue Sturgis
There's been a barrage of bad news on the economic front this week, with inflation growing at the fastest rate in 17 years, average weekly wages posting the the biggest year-over-year decline since November 1990, and the number of people receiving unemployment benefits at the highest level in almost five years.

Friday dogblogging: N.C. school pioneers on dog surgery that could help disabled veterans

Sue Sturgis
A three-legged mutt named Cassidy underwent experimental surgery at the N.C. State College of Veterinary Medicine last month -- a high-tech procedure that one day could help military veterans and other people who have lost limbs.

Friday dogblogging: Commonly used pesticides present serious health risks for dogs and people

Sue Sturgis
One of my dogs recently had her regular check-up at our veterinarian's office, where despite my oft-stated concerns over pesticide safety I was convinced to buy an expensive product to keep fleas, ticks and mosquitoes at bay during this exceptionally buggy summer. It's perfectly safe, the doctor assured me.

Friday dogblogging: Mayor of impoverished Arkansas town in trouble for loosing stray dogs in national forest

Sue Sturgis
Helena-West Helena is an east Arkansas Delta community going through hard times. The seat of Phillips County, one of the state's poorest counties, it got its hyphenated name two years ago after two cash-strapped towns merged in hopes of improving the local economy, which has struggled since the closing of the Mohawk Rubber Co. back in the 1970s.